Two Mexican Restaurants And Two Additional Choices In Vero Beach FL

We haven’t stopped exploring Vero Beach restaurants together just yet. You aren’t going to believe the four establishments I have picked out for you this time. Get ready for some great food, as you of course would expect. You might end up enjoying the best meal you’ve had in a long time. After all, Vero Beach FL is known for restaurants that stand out.

I have covered a restaurant or two in Vero Beach that touches on Mexican cuisine, but it’s time for one that hits the nail on the head. At Jalisco is the place, and it is located at 1903 20th Street. You will find that Ay Jalisco has an extensive menu, and it is a great place for ordering up a plate of enchiladas. This is the type of Mexican restaurant where you get chips and salsa before your meal, and that is what I’m talking about.

Spiro’s Taverna is next up on this list of great Vero Beach restaurants to visit. Located at 1555 US Highway 1, Spiro’s Taverna is known for gyros, Greek Salads, baklava and well, all the Greek food favorites. Have you ever tried lemon soup? That would be a first for me, but I’ll tell you, a good gyro is always a favorite of mine. Reviews say that not only is the food great, but the portions are large, too.

You would also enjoy Citron Bistro, and you will find it at 6260 Highway A1A. Blueberry bread pudding is one of the menu highlights, and that sounds great. I love blueberries, even though I’m not familiar with the taste of bread pudding. Burgers, crab, tuna tacos and kale salads are also favorite menu items at this place according to reviewers.

Trees Hermanos is your next option, and this establishment is located at 1690 14th Avenue. This place is actually a grocery store, and then the authentic Mexican food is served up in the back. This might sound a little different to you, but I implore you to give it a try if you like Mexican cuisine. It really seems like this place is known for serving up the best.

That’s two great Mexican restaurants that you can count on when dining out in Vero Beach FL. Plus, you have two other great picks as well. Pick a spot for your next dining experience, and see which one of the four you end up liking best by the time your vacation is over. Have fun in Vero Beach FL!